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Help & Info about Easy Video Maker for windows

  • What is Easyvideomaker good for?

    Despite its name, Easyvideomaker is a video making and editing program with somewhat confusing setup and functionalities. It is good for creating simple videos, mostly for fun and for their gag value. It does not rise up to professional video production standards.
  • What can I add to my videos when I edit them with Easyvideomaker?

    You have the options of adding static images of various sizes, inserting lyrics or subtitles, and even making your own computer screen into a video. There are multitudes of additional features and effects which you can get familiar with as you go.
  • Can I insert special effects and post-production in my videos?

    Easyvideomaker has an impressive array of features on display: you can literally get lost among the buttons and menus in there. However, many of those remain rather cryptic. The labels are unclear or even counterintuitive at times and the effects which they introduce do not make immediate sense, so prepare for a lot of trial and error.
  • How does the Easyvideomaker video production process work?

    You need to work off the video timeline which is your central reference point. You can drag and drop images, videos, or text onto it and choose whether they go into the video or the background portions of your final product.
  • This sounds a little confusing - is there a tutorial I can follow?

    Yes, Easyvideomaker comes with a relatively accessible tutorial. Nevertheless, it seems to cover the mere basics and omits some key aspects of the software. In the end, you will still have to invest the time to get around on your own.
  • How quickly and efficiently does Easyvideomaker work?

    The program leaves a somewhat outdated impression when put in full throttle. To render a video is a seemingly arduous task. In terms of efficiency, you will not notice the software slowing your computer down or hogging too many resources, but the downside of that is you get longer waiting periods until your clip compiles.
  • Does Easyvideomaker support 3-D video?

    Yes, you can create 3-D videos with the help of this program. You can choose from a variety of formats and enhance them with additional audio or text before going three-dimensional, too.
  • Is Easyvideomaker an advanced video making and editing program?

    Decidedly not. While it is a solid effort at making a decent application for the avid home-video producer, it is definitely too light on advanced features and pro-level production sensibilities to be used for any kind of high-end audiovisual work.
  • Is it legal and safe to use Easyvideomaker?

    Yes, the program is completely legal and safe to use. If you are splicing third-party audio or visual material, you should take the usual precautions to safeguard against malware. If you use copyright-protected materials, you carry the responsibility of producing or sharing the final product as always.
  • Is Easyvideomaker free?

    Yes. While there is a pro version with unrestricted use of all features, the free Easyvideomaker lets you use most of its functionalities without watermarks or other hindrances.


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